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LearnEnglish GREAT Videos

A series of short videos about UK culture. Explore London's museums and other famous sites in the UK.

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Watch videos and improve English listening skills

Watch natural and authentic conversations in English in this video app, with audioscripts to help you follow along. Each video features:

  • an audioscript so you can read along while you listen
  • a glossary to help you learn and remember words
  • comprehension questions to help check your understanding
  • pitch control to slow down the audio.

Learn about UK Culture

Watch 24 videos to learn more about life in the UK. Follow the host Richard around London as he visits Shakespeare’s Globe theatre and Harrods department store. Learn more about the history of the English language and find out more about British entrepreneurs like Richard Branson.

How to use the app

When learning English, practice makes perfect. We recommend you use this app several times a week, listening to the videos repeatedly to keep practising.

Use the app in three stages to maximise progress.

  • Watch the videos with the audioscript to follow along as you listen.
  • Listen to the audio only with the audioscript to help focus on the words.
  • Watch the videos in landscape mode without the audioscript to really test your listening.

Constant practice using the LearnEnglish GREAT Videos app will help you feel more confident listening to native speakers and improve your pronunciation. After using this app, you will understand more when listening to English, such as the videos and podcasts in our LearnEnglish Audio & Video app.

Learn English with the British Council

We are the world’s English experts and we provide English language learning opportunities worldwide. We deliver English lessons in over 80 teaching centres in nearly 50 countries. Our apps are written by English teachers and language experts and offer grammar, vocabulary and listening practice. Check out our other apps and visit our LearnEnglish websites.

The GREAT campaign promotes the UK as a great place to study, visit and do business.


This is very important to learn english

Which video could be useful to me.

Actually I wanted to know that first should I go with tenses or any thing else.
Thank you

Hello archit jain,

Some of our videos form series, such as Big City Small World or Word on the Street; for these it is best to do the episodes in order. Other videos can be watched in any order, such as the GREAT videos. For these, you can choose the topics which seem most interesting to you, or the language areas which you would most like to practise.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

I wanna improve my English grammar as well as vocabulary. I need resources that can me.
Thank you

hi would you like to be friends in face book and exchange speaks together

Hi mostafaramadan908,

Please note that our House Rules ask users not to ask for or give personal contact details such as Facebook names, email addresses etc. This is because some of our users are under eighteen years of age and so we must be very careful with personal data.

Best wishes,


The LearnEnglish Team

Hello archit jain,

Have you seen our Grammar Reference? There are lots of resources that could be useful to you there. Grammar is also explained in context in the Language Focus videos of our Word on the Street videos.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

There is a British council here in Muscat the capital of Sultanate of Oman , but it is very , very expensive , and most of the people here say that .

Hello Nagm,

I can't really comment on that, not knowing anything about the prices and costs in Oman, but I can tell you that LearnEnglish is a British Council service and it is provided absolutely free of charge for all users.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team