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Tess & Ravi

آدم ورب يناقشان أوقاتك المفضلة فى اليوم. يتحدث تس ورافي أيضاً عن شيء يحبه الإنجليز ولكن يكرهه أغلب الناس.

You're hired

بعد فصل مدير مبيعات WebWare  والأعلان عن الوظيفة، يناقش بيتر هارت ومارسيا بوردمان الاستمارات ويقرران شكل مقابلة العمل.


It's common for interviewees to prepare answers in advance but there are things that you should avoid doing.

من الشائع لدى الممتحنين أن يقوموا بتحضير إجابات مقدماً، ولكن هناك أشياء يجب عليك أن تتحاشاها.


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18 January, 2018 - 08:01
Hello Diana, It can be difficult to put our thoughts into words sometimes, even in our own native language. I would give you two general pieces of advice here. FIrst, try not to become too stressed...
18 January, 2018 - 07:01
Hi Khaled, In modern English we do not usually use 'revenge' in the way it was used in Shakespeare's time. 'Revenge' is now used mainly as a reflexive verb with a participle phrase ('on' or 'for...
18 January, 2018 - 07:01
Hello lara17, Both forms are possible here and there is no real difference in meaning. I think 'only' would be a better choice than 'just' in this context, however.   Best wishes, Peter The...