Listen to four people talk about their jobs to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.

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Dr Peter Miller

Sales Director

DX Medical Equipment Ltd


Alessandro Rossi

Lead Programmer

*Space10 Designs*


Megumi Tanaka

>> Product Manager

>>> Global Engineering Consults


Andres Mulligan Jr

Intern, R&D team

MaXtin Ltd



Language level

Beginner: A1


for A1 it is good

In my country, people put their name, business profession, job address and contact information.

Which information do people have on their business cards in your country?
in my country, the information have their name, job position, phone number and address of the office

In my country, people have on their business cards: company's name, their name own, the position they hold, mobile phone number and email adress.

Hi everyone

My name is Luan. I'm from Vietnam. In my country, there are some information on the business card such as: company's name, logo and address, their name and number.

Dear British Council Team
There are some information such as the name of the company, the name of the direct manager (it could be any work position) telephone and telefax and the address of company , postal code is necessary as well and we have email and the link of Instagram if we have its page ,one side in Persian and the other side is in English. we also have logo in one side of the business card
best wishes and good luck

There are so many information on our business card in my country, including chinese name, english name, work position, phone number, email address, company's name, company's address, and so on.

Please can you explain what you meant by "Chinese name" and "English name"?