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Advanced: C1


I have completed the following lessons of A job interview, Introverts – redressing the balance, and Innovation in business. The level that I chose was Advance C1 Listening.

Definetly, I have always been an introvert which caused me problems at school and at work but mainly at school when I had to share with others,
I always liked and did better studying on my own, I used to get high grades!!!!
Years later, as an adult, I learned to overcome shyness and could grow a lot. Now I feel great since I found balance in my life.

As the correct mentioned information above, I am sort of an introvert. I tend to like solitude more than staying in groups. At first I have also liked to join in groups as many researches said that it was best when working in groups, but it's been hard to 'get on the same page' with other people because of many reasons like prejudices, engagements, aims...etc; then I have liked to work on my own. Not only at work but also at normal lives, I don't tend to engage in joking, gossip talks because I feel they are very predictable around the basics like money, girls, kids or so on that make me be fed up with. Solo contemplation is a normal image when someone thinks of me.
Now, I ought to learn adjusting myself to be more sociable and outgoing when I need to because either works need or the society I am living in. My society doesn't have got nearly any kind of researches as ones in this task, or the quality of them are very bad, so most of the extroverts are still judged more positively. Besides, I also think working in a manageable group where everyone connects and helps each other somehow will better than alone all the time.
--- I really like the way your society works when everything is researched under the scrutiny before implementing to reality, that is much better than ours ---

I'm more of an introvert and I like being an introvert.

I am rather introvert and it is a problem for me. I think that sure enough in the society extravert people are best considered and succeed. But there is always exceptions!
I think that at school it is important to help shy child to developpe social relations but also let him in his personal space which he needs. When I was a student I think that theater course should help me to be more confident .
Thanks Marie

An excellent article. Well done.

I am an introvert but i try to open up on subjects that matter to me. This is not to impose my view but to be heard. I realize everytime i open up that i learn more when i share with others. It helps me grow in my quiet moments.

I guess I'm somewhere in between, as I always respect those they don't talk a lot, listen to the others and at the same time they are helpful, funny companionable and moderate.

Thank you for such a lesson. I am an introvert. And I enjoy studying British English.

I'm actually an extrovert because I like being with other people therefore never get lonely. But I prefer to talk less.