adverbials of distance



We use adverbials to show how far things are:

Birmingham is 250 kilometres from London.
Birmingham is 250 kilometres away from London.
It is 250 kilometres from Birmingham to London.

Sometimes we use a preposition at the end of a clause:

We were in London. Birmingham was 250 kilometres away.
Birmingham was 250 kilometres off.



Hi Vidyaarthi,

I would be fine, except for the fact that there is a full stop after Honolulu!

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hi Peter, should thank you, but too busy cursing myself for not noticing that!

If I write " Madrid is 501 km from away Lisbon " instead of Lisbon is 501 km away from Madrid... what is the wrong?

Hello Niva!
We simply don't write 'from away' in English - we use away from to show distance.
Hope that helps!
Jeremy Bee
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when i open exercise, this content appear i cant reach exercise like other parts of grammar book..........
{Adverbs of place: distance There are no clues for this activity. Reorder the words to make correct sentences. It is 6,200 kilometers from Tokyo to Honolulu. Lisbon is 501 kilometers away from Madrid. From Gibraltar the African coast is visible only 14 miles away. Shanghai and Beijing are 1200 kilometers apart. Paris is 5,800 kilometers from New York. HTTP:// } when i open this link it doesn't work

You asked about problems with the exercises on another page - I answered your question there.
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