present tense


There are two tenses in English – past and present.

The present tenses in English are used:

  • to talk about the present
  • to talk about the future
  • to talk about the past when we are telling a story in spoken English or when we are summarising a book, film, play etc.

There are four present tense forms in English:

Present simple: I work
Present continuous: I am working
Present perfect: I have worked
Present perfect continuous: I have been working

We use these forms:

  • to talk about the present:

He works at McDonald’s. He has worked there for three months now.
He is working at McDonald’s. He has been working there for three months now.
London is the capital of Britain.

  • to talk about the future:

The next train leaves this evening at 1700 hours.
I’ll phone you when I get home.
He’s meeting Peter in town this afternoon.
I’ll come home as soon as I have finished work.
You will be tired out after you have been working all night.

  • We can use the present tenses to talk about the past...



I have to go the flight to Singapore leaves at 2.30 .I am confused this sentence ,when I click present tense but answered incorrect ?

Hello Ghosh,

'leaves' in this sentence is in the present simple, but refers to the future. That's why the correct answer is 'Future'.

Best wishes,
The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Sir
I am going to write an email can you please correct my mistake?

I would like to booking a room from in September 22nd,2015 to 5th December 2015. But I need one with 2 single beds. Since I love this area of town. I have always wanted to live here! There are lot's of shop and it is a short walk to town. Would you be able to guarantee that if I put that in the requests section when booking. ThanksFrom Wazir

I would like to book a room from September 22nd 2015 to December 2015, one with 2 single beds. I like this area so much and always wanted to live here, because it is located in market area very closed to the downtown which is short walk to reach. Please recognize this.


May I try?

I would like to get a room booked between 22nd Sept. 2015 and 5th Dec. 2015. I need the room with with two single beds. Since I love this locality, I have always desired to live here. This place has a lot of shops, and it is nearby town. (Next Sentence not clear.)

Please correct me if there is any error.

Hello Rajaramzan56,

I'm afraid that correcting texts is a service which we can offer on LearnEnglish as we simply do not have the time to do it for all users - if we tried then we would do little else all day, and would not be able to maintain and expand the site, which is our main focus. However, I can tell you that your text is clearly written and easy to understand; I doubt the recipient will have any trouble in understanding you.

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

i have a doubt

1) Writing and editing is art
2)Writing and editing are art

which one is correct from the above sentences?
I prefer second one but in a website i saw the first one was there

Hello bharathviki,

I would suggest the following:

Writing and editing is art - this describes the nature of the activities; it has a similar meaning to a person looking at a painting and saying 'This is art'.

Writing and editing are an art / arts - this describes the speaker's view of the activity, suggesting that it is an intuitive or creative process, rather that '... are a science / sciences', which would suggest a more logical and rule-based process.

The choice of singular or plural depends on whether you see 'writing and editing' as one acitvity or two. You could see them as one process (how to create a book) or as two (first you write, then you edit).

Best wishes,



The LearnEnglish Team

Dear Sir,
Which of the following sentences is correct?

We have been living in Alberta since my father was transferred here.

1.We have been living in Alberta since my father was transferred here.

2.We have lived in Alberta since my father was transferred here.