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Beating stress

هل تعرف أنه يمكنك تطبيق نظرية "الضغط" لتقليل الضغط؟ اكتشف المزيد من إميلي.

قم بتأدية المهمة التمهيدية أولا ثم استمع للتسجيل. بعد ذلك اذهب لكل مهمة وقم بتأدية النشاط.. اذا احتجت مساعدة، يمكنك قراءة النص في أي وقت



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Upper intermediate: B2


i reduce stressed by practice some sports with my sister and watch some comdy movies its help me to relived the pressure  ....and the stress theory help and give me some ideas and some resolve to cope with stress ....
and the action was easy for my its RELAX this action feeling my so comfortable for my it make my enjoy with favorite thing i love like watch favorite programs  and movies and spend a wonderful time with my family

it is so good  pargraph