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Living on my own

استمع لجوسلين حول سبب اختيارها للعيش بمفردها.

قم بتأدية المهمة التمهيدية أولا ثم استمع للتسجيل. بعد ذلك اذهب لكل مهمة وقم بتأدية النشاط. اذا احتجت مساعدة، يمكنك قراءة النص في أي وقت



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Upper intermediate: B2


in my opinion living with your parents when you get a new job it is the amazing thing that you can do for them , in this age they must be really need you to help them and see what you can do for them .
i do not really understand why people leave their parents when they became more powerful and able to take the responsibility from their own parents .

I prefef livig with my parents, because i love them and i can't live away from them

That's very important topic already we should try to live without our families , personally iam always want 2 living on my own & iam ganna 2 do that & nowdays lam preparing to live alone .. thanx 4 amazing topic .. well done ..

i wanted live alone but now i really miss my parents, brothers and sister

I prefer living with my own because with my parents I was  dependent emotionally and financially... when I was with my parents i don't care about money about success in my work because i know that they are here to support me and help me when i need i decided to live them and have my dependency to become an adult and see my life with different angle and perspective...
In the beginning my parents didn't support me and refused definitively my decision  because of the religions and customs... but when they saw  the changes in my life and my way of seeing things they accept my decision and support..
So now i never regret my decision, i become a responsible person, i have my own life, a free life, with many activities and friends.
Now i manage my budget like an expert and I take care about myself, my work and my friends...
That's make more grateful to my parents because bringing up a child and take care of a family is not easy and take a lot of time and money and a sacrifices..

I prefer to live with my parents for many reasons feeling comfortable because there is someone love you and support you second to take care of your parents give me good feeling and I can save money
In Arab culture parents care of family tie which mean all of their children must  be together and each one take care fore the my opinion I can have my own responsibility when I am with my parents     

I prefer to live on my own because I want to know how to control my money and salary also to try new life ( free life ) alone and to see how i can depend on my self in all respects.
I think the money is crucial factor to live on my own because as i said that I want to see if i can control my money or not.
To learn exactly how to live in the marriage house and after the marriage (whether boy or girl) they can't come back to live again in their parents house ( that is what happening in the middle east ) so i can't live on my own until marriage .. and i think the most important factor is the religion.
It's excelent for me... it makes me good at the conversations.

I have to live alone not because i like it ,but because I'm going to study abroad so i have to rely on myself, and it will be very tiring. I will have to cook and take care of everything and it will not be the same if I'm at my home.On one hand the reason why middle east young people live with their parents is that they are conservatives and their parents don't let them go and they offer every reason to make sure they stay.On the other hand -with all my respect to the west- Arabs have a bad image about the west when they live alone or when a girl lives with her boyfriend .That's why they don't accept to let them go...

I prefer living with my parents, living with them give me a nice filing of tenderness and also of safety.
Everyone needs money, it makes our life more easy but, It can't  take a big importance to me, I go every where, I can visit my friends even I haven't money. I give money it's importance and not the contrary.
In the Arabic world people stay with their parents, when they get married they can go live with their new partner, I think they are ready to take responsibility and live their own life.
I think religion has a very important affect.
It's so good.