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UN World Refugee Day

Did you know that every minute of the day 20 people leave their homes to escape war or terror? World Refugee Day is a day when we can support and celebrate the strength and courage of millions of refugees worldwide.

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Across the world there are currently over 65 million people who have had to leave their homes. Some have settled in new countries; many more are living in refugee camps, waiting for it to be safe enough to go home or to be resettled in a different country. The United Nations decided that refugees should have a special day, when we think of them and show our support. The first World Refugee Day was on 20 June 2001 and it’s been celebrated every year since then.

A refugee crisis

Sixty-five million people means that nearly one in 100 people in the world is a displaced person or refugee. We are now facing the worst refugee crisis in history. The number of refugees has doubled in the last twenty years. The situation is clearly worse in some countries than in others. Fifty-five per cent of refugees worldwide come from Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan. Since the start of the war, more than 5.6 million Syrians have escaped the country and 6.1 million are still living in Syria but have had to leave their homes. Around half of these 11 million people are children.

The aim of World Refugee Day

A refugee crisis on this scale is difficult to deal with, but the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, reminds us that ‘the problems are war and hatred, not people who flee.’ World Refugee Day is about raising awareness of the situation and showing the refugees that together we can work to end the crisis and help displaced people to find safe and happy homes.

What happens on World Refugee Day?

There are a lot of events on 20 June in different countries. Many famous landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Empire State Building in New York, are covered in blue lights, the colour of the United Nations. In Glasgow, Scotland, people hold hands to form an enormous human chain around George Square, in the city centre, to ‘show the world that Scotland welcomes refugees’. In many places there are film showings, exhibitions and various fundraising events.

What you can do to help

A few years ago, the United Nations started a petition, #WithRefugees, for people worldwide to ask their governments to support refugees. So far nearly 2 million people have signed the petition. Many people also write letters to their governments or make a donation to a charity that supports refugees. So, what will you do?



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Yes. I did.

As u Know, refugees, asylum seekers and migrants are forced to leave their countries , actually they are forced to flee and escape the bad situation of their countries such as famine, high inflation , bad politicians who are responsible of their disasters and persecution, I think they are absolutely innocent and they are not problems , the problems are different wars and hatred , they are facing ,bad economic situation and bad levels of life styles , war and sanction which are quite difficult to deal with. recently we are living under sanction and we might have to be refugees couple of years later, but your question is how we could change the ways to see them . I think we should encourage people to study more and more about considering the the economists opinions as for the refugees , all the economists refutes the idea of being refugees in a country cause a financial burden for that country ,they all contradict this idea, they all admit that refugees affect the sustainability and strength of the country economy they help to improve a countrys economy . we should share the clips and film showings which show that refugees could be entrepreneurs in a country and drop the unemployment , as u know many countries nowadays welcome foreign investments of them and we should arrange campaigns to encourage people change ways to see them.
they deserve to have a better situation in a better country. we should celebrate the world refugee day .we all must escalate sympathy feelings . we have to raise our knowledge of the situation to solve the crisis to accept them as human beings and they must be in welfare, and happy homes without any stress.
best wishes for u all

you determined the right thing to do with refugees in any country in the world.

The view of refugees is often based on norms and prejudice, we see at them as distracting for the country. Several countries close there border and even build walls to prevent them from passing through. There is no need to blame refugees because the majority of them a good people like me and you.

I think that the citizenship of the word can be the solution, if we delate all nationalities, the life of refugees will be easier.

I think if there were no borders among countries, even no countries existed like in ancient times, people can move freely, there would be no refugees any more. I think the natural environment is for anyone, and it can raise everyone who working hardly.

I could not imagine the feeling of this refugees. I agree the refugees is a big problem, but not the root cause because the cause is war and hatred. Some people take advantages over this situation. I do hope more and more people care and act upon this crisis.

The risk Brazil, are the investors unaware? Hi, nowdays, with advantage of internet, at the transparency of public accounts, we shall known, throughout the media, when the governments falls, and when they leaving the people behind the frontiers. There are lots of conflicts of interess, and injuries government, budge deficit, and so on. The newspapers are reports, the big flag governamental called Petrobras was one of the most businessed, in cash wash terms, for brazilian politicians, In this topic, I prefer not exposure myself. I intend to alert refugees, if they intent to live in Brazil as well, they need to read the brazilian nenwspapers, for maintain and discuss about the brazilian trading and finances, otherwise they has became conniver with the jobbery exploration. Partly, at the first hand, when I imagine to help people, I make the financial control to help people to place the things at place on, that's surrounds a infra-structure, an medical center, job and laser, and so on.

How do people see refugees? They are like everybody but they just have borned in a bad area.
Shame on people who doesn't read books to know their rights; To have a better life and throwing away bad politicians.

I dont want to give refugees money or food. I want to give them a job. Wanting to help them, the goverment should give them a job.