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Extreme Sports

كارمن تتحدث لخبير تجديف المياه ومتخصص متحمس.

قم بتأدية المهمة التمهيدية أولا ثم استمع للتسجيل. بعد ذلك اذهب لكل مهمة وقم بتأدية النشاط.. اذا احتجت مساعدة، يمكنك قراءة النص في أي وقت

Task 1

Vocabulary Task

Choose the right group for each of the words.


Task 2

Listening Task

Watch and listen.

Choose the correct answers, according to the video.



Language level

Intermediate: B1


When i was a teenager, i used to climbed the mountains, i had interested life. when i went to military i jumped from the plane for 5 times it was interested experience i got a full adrenaline.

i like this video