Read an email asking for help from another department to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text

To: James Forrester
Date: 6 November
Subject: Possible help with product design

Dear James,

As you know, we have been working on the new perfume that we are launching in April and we are unsure about some of the packaging details. We have seen some of your creative work in the sales department and we think you have a very good eye for detail.

Do you have some time before close of business this Friday to sit down with us and talk through some of our designs? We would truly appreciate your advice on this. It shouldn't take longer than two hours of your time and we would be happy to clear it with Patricia, your department head, if necessary.

Best regards,

Sarah Ford
Head of Department
Product Design




Language level

Intermediate: B1


we are waiting your response

I think, it would be better to include and send some working materials to receiver, to show what they are working on, write what problems they have at the present time and then ask for his own opinion.

I think that we should stand in others' shoes first to see what efforts we can offer for them to solve their problems. After the obstacles are overcame, they must have free time to help us to do something. So, I would propose my requests for help, then ask them whether there are some problems they should solve first.

Maybe to avoid using repetitive words and senteces, that makes ideas confused.
also provide all necessary information and ask accurate questions.

In my opinion, firstly, I will include the main prolems what I need help, secondly, mention the reasons why I think he/she is the best choice for help, thirdly, when I need her/his help, who will join with us, and lastly, when he/she should give me the response.

In Task 2, it is instructed to put the events in order but i have to idea how to do that task technically and i couldn't complete the task. Could you please suggest me?

Hello Poe Ei,

Click on one of the items to select it (it will change colour). Then click on the small hand on the right side of another item to swap positions. The item you selected will be in the new place. Continue until the order is correct and then click 'Finish'.



The LearnEnglish Team

If i write an email for help, the following items should be included:
2. the reason why i am requesting the help. in the other hand, the issue i am facing now.
3. schedule the meeting place, time etc.
4. need reply if the one i am writing to is available for the appointment/meeting.
5. show my thankful meaning.
6. signature
Well, the things above is my thought.

Hello Johnsonlsz

That looks like a great plan!

I just thought I'd also point out that there are more example emails in our Writing section in case you were looking for more.

Best wishes


The LearnEnglish Team

I would include more information about the problems we have and how he could help us. I would explain what details are we insecure about.

I would include our thanks also.