Are you ready to go to the beach? Do these exercises and learn vocabulary to talk about the beach.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


Yes, I do. I love the beach. When I go to the beach, I love to swim and play volleyball. I also love to eat a good seafood dish, listen to music and take amazing photos.

I like going to the beach but it depends on a few things, for instance if the weather is great like Cancun, México or Islas Canarias, Spain I love riding waves on foot and lie on the sand, but If the weather is cool like Ensenada, México, I only go to the beach to drink some bears and have fun.

When i go to the beach. I swim like a fish !!! And i play on the waves !!! But i dont like play with the sand.

Yes,I like to ride a boat and play with wave and playing with my friend and I love swimming

I go to beach some years ago. But wave is very strong and high therefore i can't swim. I often lie on my back in the sand with my friend,It's very exciting. I also like to collect some shell in the sand and take it to my home for memory. When i 'm adult i can't spend anytime to go to beach and take a rest.

I went to the beach many years ago, but I remember that I liked sailing around the coast.

I like beaches but I unfortunately don't have any beach at my home area. If I have a beach at my vacations I always go to the beach to relax and go swimming in the sea. Sometimes I also make sandcastles with my friends or play football. And I really like it to go for a walk through the sand.

I love go to the beach during summer and winter. I like to lie on the sand, take the sun with my friends, swim and watch fishes

I love to stroll at the beach upon sands. I like to sit next to the sea and lie down my legs inside.
By the way, I like to see the sunset at the horizontal and hear the sound of laughter kids That playing there.

Most of the time, I swim in the ocean to beat the heat.