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Episode 01: Meeting friends

In this first episode our friends meet up in a café.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.


Language level

Intermediate: B1


 Hello! I think this series is very funny and it help me to learn. It's great. Thanks British Council.

Wow! awesome series!
It's fun.

That´s good stuff. I´m glad there is this kind of program for people not living in an english speaking country.

Hello there! 
Sorry if I am bothering anyone with the following question, I am new in this website, but none of the tasks shows the exercices. This is happens to any episode. Does anyone know how to solve the problem?
I am looking foward to hearing from someone.
Many thanks,

 Can anyone show me the meaning of this sentense "I’m supposed to be meeting someone", especially "be supposed to"?

 hello hamimi, guess in the sentense  the meaning is "i should be meeting someone here, but i am not, cause the person that i am here to meet is not here now.
i am not sure if i am good to explain but lets try:
you can use  :
 i supposed to be "doing something" to express something that you should be doing at that moment, but for any reason you are not.
 like:  i supposed to be sleeping now.

I think it will be helpful some instructions fort Task 4.

It's an useful exercise.

 Hi, i need to improve my speaking how can i do that?
this sit is great but how can i speaks well

I think it's interesting.