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Hello I'm a little bit confused about that sentence "it was really nice to come up and meet up with my " why he said come up or meet up? Thanks a lot by the way this website is really helpful

Hello azi_ni_,

'Come' and 'come up' are often interchangeable. 'Come up' is most often used when when there is some travel involved, especially when there is some concept of 'up' involved - going north, for example, or going upstairs. We can also say 'come down' in a similar way.

'Meet' by itself can refer to an accidental meeting or a planned meeting, but 'meet up with' is only used when there is an planned meeting such as a party or similar.


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In Italy people usually set off fireworks especially on commemorative dates, e.g. on patron saint's festivals.
No, I haven't.
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On their special days like weddings,birthdays etc.

No,I haven't

Well, I have learned a new one again about the tradition.

Hallo, could you explain me why ,, come UP and meet UP with my friends..,, Can I just say ,,come and meet with my friends,,?

Hello Jellena1983,

Both 'come up' and 'meet up' are phrasal verbs. Both can be found in our dictionary - see the Cambridge Dictionaries Online search box on the right - and you can find out more about phrasal verbs in general on our phrasal verbs page.

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Hi every body
Word on the street is the great program for improving your listening. I have finished listening all for two times in three months. It's hard to understand for the first time but it's better for the second time. I will try the third time even though more than fourth time. I believe that I will understand more after fifth time listening.
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Thanks for your feedback and for sharing this great advice with everyone! It's certainly true that you can learn much more from these videos by listening to them multiple times, and even more by reading the transcripts out loud and imitating the pronunciation.

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