Bonfire Night


Join Joe to find out why the British celebrate people trying to blow up Parliament! 


Before you watch

Think about the following questions:

  • When do people usually set off fireworks?
  • Have you heard of Guy Fawkes?

Now listen to Joe as he explores the special British tradition of Bonfire Night.




Hello samsgyin,

I'm afraid that our videos are not available for download due to copyright.


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"So it’s hundreds of people involved in an event of this size" in that sentence reduction - " 's " -mean of has or is? thanx

Hello Elgun_V,

In this sentence 'it's' means ' it is'.

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The LearnEnglish Team

Hi. I love this website. My students are going to practice for the Trinity Speaking exam Grade 5 and we'll be touching on "Bonfire Night". It's going to make my class very interesting when I can show them your video on the same topic. TQ!

could you tell me If i understand right or wrong? Bonfire night is the celebration of foiling of the plot to burn the house of parliament and to kill King James. they celebrate that they foil his attempts to kill the king so they make a rag doll and burn it as a symbol of Guy Fawkes . Am i understand right ? Thanks and it is new thing for me to know and i have learnt new expressions and words

Hello littlemoon86,

Yes, that is a good summary.  Most British people do not remember the historical background to the tradition.  Though Guy Fawkes is a familiar name, I doubt most people could tell you very much about him or why he did what he did.

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I got so interested and I read about it on the internet. Guy fawkes wanted to kill him because the king wanted to suspend the member of the catholic religion .he felt that the government was treating Roman Catholics unfairly by imposing laws against them.Catholics had to practice their religion in secret. There were even fines for people who didn't attend the Protestant church on Sunday or on holy days. James passed more laws against the Catholics when he became king. Guy Fawkes was a part of the group who wanted to kill King James. I hope that add to the information of all British Council members :)))) really Interesting to know about traditions of any country.

it was amazing when I watch this video , it is remind me for long time ago, when my first time to see the firework when my country  independent day celebration  , an also crowds people go out from their home to celebration .