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Catching up after a trip

Listen to two friends talking about a recent trip abroad to practise and improve your listening skills.

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The last time I had traveled was to Dubai. It was a great trip. I've been to many places. I visited the National Museum and Zoo in Dubai, Dubai Mall And that's where I enjoyed watching the dancing fountain, also I've been to many malls, Ibn Battuta Mall, AlEmarat Mall, Yass Mall It was a fun trip. The last district I'd visited it was Ferrari World, really it was a different advertisement.

Usually, I travel because of the demand of my job. I am working as a researcher and I have collaborators all over Europe. Last winter, I traveled to Amsterdam as I was invited by my collaborator that works at the University of Amsterdam.

The most striking point of the visit was the very expensive prices of the hotels. They were even more expensive than similar quality hotels in Paris, that is a very famous and touristic city. I further noticed that, interestingly, there are hotels that are just a room located in a boat! I found them really cute though preferred not to stay in one of them.

recently, i've traveled to sharm el sheikh it got me mad, the place was really wonderful with a worthy sites that contains ancient egyptian mosques and churches with fabulus beaches
i really recommend it for everyone

why Dave answers yes to Jean's question "Was it one of those" whilst he was so excited with the place he had rented?

Hello fahimeh,

Dave says he has read about problems with rental flats, so when Jean says 'Was it one of those?' she means 'Was it a rental flat?' Dave says it was a rental place but then says it was fine, and not like the horror stories he'd heard.



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The last place I traveled to Quang Ninh province. The famous place in my country. It is a beautiful place with many small mountains . I love to recommend it to my friends.

The last place I've travelled to was Mu Cang Chai, a small town in the northwest of Vietnam. Let's make a tour.
What is in Northwest of Vietnam or particularly in Mu Cang Chai? North west of Vietnam includes a range of highly steep mountains with full of trees or rock on them. Mu Cang Chai (MCC) town, or a village, lies in a tranquil valley where the "Phuots" or tourists often take a rest after a trip from Hanoi city. Everyone can stay in houses of tribal ethnics which we often call this kind of accommodation as a 'home-stay', or they can go to many hostels, motels, hotels or resorts around if they want. Don't worry about accommodation. When you stay in MCC, you can enjoy unspoiled atmosphere with full of pure fresh air that is not easy to find in cities. In addition, communicating to ethnics and eating their special meals are also favourite act for tourists.
But the special things are not in MCC, they are on the way you reach MCC. On the way to MMC, you have to ride through the range of mountains with the height of thousands meter above the sea level, in which you're going to get fantastic feelings with fabulous places: scenic views, gorge valleys, skylines, highly steep angle roads... etc. Past MCC, you can keep riding along with many beautiful scenes on the way to other comparable places.
How do you go there? You can use motorbikes, autos or even bicycles. With me, the best choice is motorbikes because you can ride independently and stop anywhere you like as well as enjoy pure air at riding time. Some western tourists use bicycles to overtake the mountains and some others even walk through them. If you don't have much time and feel fear of height, you can sit on autos, although the feelings are alleviated much. Whatever you use doesn't matter, as long as you reach MCC.
When do you ride to MCC? You shouldn't go there from June to August, if you don't want to confront with appalling rains. If you're supposed to arrive MCC in these time, be careful with weather and make sure no raining when you go over the mountains, otherwise you could experience a disastrous situation. The suitable time should be from Sep to Nov and from after the cliche lunar new year to later April.
Who should you accompany with? I used to ride alone, but it's better to go in a group about 2 to 4 people, that in case if you have trouble on the mountains you will get help from the others. Well, there's many people on the way, so you don't need to worry if you go alone or face any incident unless you get a fatal trouble.
Go and enjoy!

I can't believe myself have been heard about Mu Cang Chai by a foreigner. Thanks you QTN03. This is the first time I have known about MCC, a beautiful place in my lovely country. Thanks for introducing me this place. I hope someday i will have an opportunity to go there with my family.

I don't travel much, however the last place I visited was Chennai. It is the hottest place in South India, whole year feels like summer. You can have fun travelling around the city but make sure you're not going out in day time.personally I wouldn't recommend it as I hate hot places.

I was in London. A very interested city. You meet people from all countries. It´s very exciting. There are a lot of very nice parks, markets and museums.