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Four conversations

Listen to four conversations to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I never had such a conversation with anyone. It's a shame but I am learning English to have such conversations even much complex than this.

I had lot of this kind of conversations, I had to say to my friend that he wasn't more in the work team from the school, this broke-up our friendship, and I had the same experience for this situation in crowded places to visit in a holiday or at vacations.
And the new sentence that I had learn is " I think it went quite well"

Ana, It would be great if post those conversations here.

I think I found a good conversation to recognize a new vocabulary. All kind of vocabulary or phrases are good here such as it was filled with people, we've always made four of us, to get into the room, and to be tried always of taking photos.

Yes, I have the similar conservation about the old photo and to explain misunderstanding me related with project. My friend thinks that I didn't want her to my group. It was not true because my group have already fulled with ten people. But she misunderstand to me. I explained her "don't think like that" but she didn't understand.

i had a similar conversation , it was about an old photo when we were younger , i think this might be a new word it went quite well

Yes.I do have a similar conversation.I've been looking for a job and I've had two interviews, but I haven't found a suitable job yet.I don't like holiday travel, because it's too crowded, if you stand on the high place, you can see many heads covering the scenic spot. Sometimes we open our old photo albums and review our wonderful moments.

I had such conversations as ones in the third topic. Since I left to study we rarely meet with my sister. When I return home we usually recollect the days of our childhood. Sometimes we open the old album. We are so suprised to see us so little. But these moments do us closer to each other.

prepared a lot
good luck with it
filled with people
i am tired of always taking photos

Recently when we were with my family in Paris. We would like visited Lover to watch on picture Mona Liza. Unfortunately we stayed out in the rain in line about one hour, but can't come into because it begin pandemic.
Concluded many public areas were closed. It was end February 2020.