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Transport announcements

Listen to some transport announcements to practise and improve your listening skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then listen to the audio and do the exercises.



Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I travel by train once a year, and it is comfortable and cheap.

If we don’t speak about nowadays, when the whole world is fighting with COVID-19, I usually travel by train or plane a couple of times a year. Last year, I flew to Poland twice with my family. My friends live here and we had a great time with them. Poland is our neighboring state so this flight doesn't take long. About an hour. I used to got to my last job longer, telling the truth. Of course, you have to come to the airport two hours before departure but still, it's a very short flight. For example, my last flight to Egipt took over four hours. And with my noisy kids, it seemed to last forever.

I think never traveled by train. In my country the people use the train to go to work, but i go to work by car. I travel by plane on my vacation, usually once a year.

Fortunately, I didn't travel by any transport method not plane or train.
Honestly, I'm noticed strange thing in this lesson that preparation was pretty difficult.

Before giving birth I used to travel by plane at least 4 times a year. Now, it is a little complicated but I suppose that within a few months I can travel again as much as before.

i love travelling,for my trip i usually take car or train , sometime i use air plane because it's cheaper. Next week i will travel by train with my boyfriend. It will be my first trip by train in France.

I love travelling.. but i've never been travelled by train or plane, i often using to car or motorcycle every my travelled.

I have never been on an airplane or train. I hope i will travel plane in the future.

I usually travel by plane , I haven’t got chance to travel by train.

I love travelling, but I haven't got a chance to travel as much as I wanted to, but same times I travel from Khartoum to same cities oround it inside Sudan by a big buses.