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Joining a gym

Listen to the conversation about joining a gym to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I tend to search for inexpensive gyms nearby my home, in the first place. As a matter of fact, I am willing to walk max 10 mins to get there. Naturally, it is vital to be well-equipped as well. It is also crucial to have many enough tools when I am working out there. Eventually, there are many gyms where you can listen to awful music during your training so music is another important factor for me.

initially the gym must be near to my house that i can walk all the way to there and i prefer use locker to keep the stuff safe also the gym must under cover by security cameras dispute that security guide present during the days. clean and tidy facilities as a shower, toilet and workout equipment.

If i considered registering at a gym i will probably make sure about the cleanliness of the place and the price of registering of course plus the area needs to be close enough to my house.

What I look for in a gym is space and equipments, It must have variety in equipments that allows us to work out all my muscles with different routines.

Hello, Dear teacher
Could you explain, please?

What does drop by mean?
and is it nessesary to say "does" in the sentences above "it does extra cost though." and
In the sentences "Almost, though" how can i understand "though" does it mean "but"?
Thank you. Rakhmet.
In Kazakh Rakhmet means thank you very much.

Hello again Yerlan

'drop by' means 'visit'. 'does' is not grammatically necessary in the sentence you ask about, but it does add emphasis. Yes, 'though' means 'but' here -- she means they aren't open 24 hours, but nearly 24 hours.

Rakhmet for the Kazakh lesson!

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

In a gym I look for the cleanness , the equipment condition , the space , a good trainer and a good price as well.

I have completed the task, 'Joining the Gym'. The level I chose was Upper Intermediate B2.

for me,the most important thing about a gym is probably the amount of people working there, in compare to the whole space the gym has.the less crowded the gym is, the better i can work out.also it will be great if they have trainers to help for the beginning sessions and to design a personal programme.

Usually, almost always when looking for a gym, most of the sport centers attempt to atract you with marketing campaings by first addressing the costs, or by talking you about taking advantage of the "limit" bargains they have at the moment, this due to the ignorance of people whom purpose is often looking for a place just for exercising, making them prone to be fooled by the employees which, by the way, are paid regarding to the number of people they can add into the gym.

Now, when it comes to look for sport center that is worth it the most effective way to find it is by gleaning, both innerly and outerly, in order to have a wide panning of the aspects of how it works, as for instance from having coaches whom purpose is guide you through a framework of biologycal facts, to having a wide repertoire of machines ,etc.