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An email request for help

Read an email asking for help from another department to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

Reading text



Language level

Intermediate: B1


I have two things that we should include in an email asking for help. First, we should enter subject. When we enter subject, we must be contained in short sentences. Also, we must be written so that it can be easily understood to the other person. If we can't do this, it may be misunderstood by person receiving email. Seconds, we must be careful about wording. Don't let the other person feel uncomfortable. Especially, we should careful about our attitude toward superior.If we take a rude attitude, a person receiving email don't help us. It is important to write with polite language. I believe if we can do these things, a person receiving email will help me.

I wish if I could include a part of a lyric in an email asking for help.
For instance, "Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Help!"
"Now I see, it's You I need. And with Your help. Deny myself and put my hand in Yours."

First of all, If you ask for help, you should explain what you want to order briefly and concreatly. For instance, it's content, plan from now on or deadline day. And Next it's more good to explain why need your help. Because I think it's meaningful to explain why ask you. So when then, we should write down politely and we should carefully choose the words and phrases which are very important for interpreting our requests. In addition, Ay the end,Don't forget to write thank you.

first i"ll talk about the image of the product we want and then the deadline.make sure the designer will get the respect for their work,and talk about the price.

I think we should include a few important things in an e-mail for asking help. It is concrete dates and simple explanation about the feature of the product. If we give a few candidate of dates, be easy to reply for them. Also, if we give them information about the product before meeting, they can take more time to think about the product for more better idea.

If I send an email asking for help, I would include few topics.
First, write down a subject. Subject is important to convey what I want to convey the most. Second, write down introduction about us. by doing so, recipients will understand what we are doing at a company. After I finish the introduction, I will tell them about asking for help and explain why we would like to ask them. Third, tell the date or ask the date when it would be convenient to have a meeting. Last, don’t forget to express gratitude for them. it is important to tell the asking for help. I believe most important thing when asking for help is to respect them and tell them not to be rude. This is the most basic of basics.

In my view, there are some important points that we shouldn't forget when we write an email to request for help. First of all, we should use a good and understandable structure. Then we should write down politely and we should carefully choose the words and phrases which are very important for interpreting our requests. Next, we should know the situation of people and our request must preferably be in a favour of them. Finally, using correct date, grammatical points, and not forgetting the apreciate part are another tips that we should be considered about them.

In my opinion, an email asking for help have to include:

1. Dates.
2. A polite language.
3. Some reasons, details and background.
4. An appoitment proposal.
5. The concrete matter about you asking for help.
6. Persons in charge.

That's it.

In my opinion, an email asking for help should included:
1. A clear subject
2. Description of the request for which your need help.
3. Suggested a way a time to receive a response.
4. Always write in polite form and be careful to send the email to the correct person within the organization

I think that emails that ask for help should include their name, why they're in trouble, who to ask, what they want help with, and how they want help. In addition, it is very important to write the details of the content. And don't forget to thank you.
I think it is important to write in a precise and concise manner when communicating your thoughts by email. And then review it for mistakes. I also make an e-mail by carefully determining the wording and the person to send. For example, when writing an email, be careful about using honorifics for teacher and superiors.
Please tell me your idea about how to write an email that ask for help.