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A Plastic Ocean: a film review

Read a review of the film 'A Plastic Ocean' to practise and improve your reading skills.

Do the preparation task first. Then read the text and do the exercises.

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Upper intermediate: B2


I learned a new word with this reading that was stagger. Besides, I´m concerned about pollution in the ocean.

plastic can release detrimental chemical effects and thereby causing the death of many species, due to its role in contaminating the water. In my country, many supermarkets began the campaign of stopping selling plastic bags and replacing them with textual bags, which I find it a good step for the next generation to get accustomed to such bags.

I would recommend the documentary film "Happy people". This is about people living in a small village on the Amur river in Siberia. They are torned off the civilisation for most of the year. They are forced to survive in such difficult circumstances.

Plastic is a huge problem. We all have to take part in cleaning the Earth. In my country, there is a maxim: "At first, clean your own yard." I think, we all need to follow that.

Nowdays, plastic became the main of evironment issue in my city. And peoples are start to reduce of plastic usage with changing their habbits to buy mineral water which a plastic package particulary plastic cup package. And peoples stars from their home with bring a tumblers instead.

Dear learningenglish team, I have some questions.
1. Should it be "drink bottles" or "drinking bottles"? and
2. In the third paragraph, the article says ... "there are beautiful shots of the seas..." The question is "sea" is an uncountable noun, isn't it? Why in this context they use "the seas"?

Hello Alice RWL

Both 'drink bottles' and 'drinking bottles' are collocations that people use, but in most usage, there is a difference between them. 'drink bottles' are the bottles that contain a specific drink (e.g. a soft drink, green tea, sparkling water, etc.) in them, whereas 'drinking bottles' usually refers to the kind of bottles that people buy to avoid buying the kind of single-use plastic bottles that are found in the ocean.

'sea' can be a count or uncount noun -- follow the link and you'll see examples of these two uses.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team

I would certainly recommend watching the documentary-style interview called "The loneliness epidemic" by the youtuber Matt D'Avella, who throughout a 20-minute video, sustains a conversation with a neurologist regarding the origins of this epidemic, as well as the factors that might have boosted its spreading through a framework of a technological and biological analysis to finally address it the consequences that may come along with an isolated lifestyle that plungs people into a dismay from which not everybody can escape.

Hello, this topic it's so important nowadays, despite of be a very serious problem the politicians who are the responsible of our welfare, it is supposed, they do not anything to solve this problem. However, we can be the people who help the planet, may be recycling; will have been much than these gobernators.

I think the issue of the ecology of our planet is very important. Young people are now striving to protect the planet from pollution and plastic. Nowadays more and more plastic is trying to replace environmentally friendly materials. And I support them. For example, plastic bags are replaced by eco shoppers
and so on. And I want to protect our planet.