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A report on a student meeting

Learn how to write a report.

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Improvements to Oak Hall


This report aims to describe problems in Oak Hall of Residence and discuss possible maintenance work to solve them. The two biggest issues were discussed at a meeting on 12 May, which was attended by 165 of the 250 students who live in the building.

Issue 1: temperature in rooms

A number of students complained that the second-floor bedrooms are too hot. Concerns were raised about lack of sleep and students finding it hard to study in their rooms. Air conditioning was suggested as a possible solution.

However, there is no budget left for installing air conditioning this academic year. Also, installation can only be carried out during holidays as students cannot be present in the building while the work takes place.

Issue 2: improving wheelchair access to Oak Café

It was noted that wheelchair users can only access Oak Café from the back and not the front entrance nearer the lifts. This makes access to the café difficult for wheelchair users. The university is looking to improve its wheelchair access in general by installing ramps in key areas and work can take place during term time with no issues for staff or students.

Conclusion and recommendations

Taking the factors mentioned into account, August would be the best time for the installation of air conditioning. Until then, the university could consider supplying fans to each second-floor room so students can sleep and study comfortably.

The front of the café is recommended as an ideal place to install a wheelchair ramp. This work can take place immediately and should be a priority.


  1. Start with the aim of the report and say where the information comes from.
  2. Use subheadings to make the layout clear. Follow a logical structure, e.g.:
    • Introduction
    • The problem(s) (Give each issue a separate section)
    • Conclusion and recommendations
  3. Assume the person reading the report has asked you to write it and needs only a brief introduction to the situation.
  4. Use an impersonal, formal style.
  5. Use the passive to keep the focus off individual people:
    Concerns were raised about ...
    ... was suggested ...
  6. You should also use objective language for recommendations and conclusions:
    ... would be the best …
    the university could consider ...
    ... is recommended ...



Language level

Intermediate: B1


Yes, I have written a report for the university.

Yes, I have had to write a report to my local council regarding some repairs to my college property, which were not completed according to the time scales advised. This included dates of the jobs recorded along with correspondence received.

As a student taking a STEM major, It is almost a weekly task for me to write a report (sometimes even four reports!). I do a number of practical courses that require me to report the experiments taking place in the laboratories. It has its own format and unlike the report shown on this page, it includes the aims of the practical course, data obtained from the experiments, discussion, conclusion and so on.

Not me but I attended to my building's meeting. A lot of topics were metioned but one important was that neighbours complained about the pets in the building, some of them were to loud. Opening a pet area was suggested by the Administrator but the budget was not enough and there were a lot of pets.

Yes, I have made several reports for my work about various subjects. For example: bussiness opportunities, issues in stores, improvements to work environment.

During my school term i had to do a lot of reports. I remember one special with my best friend jorge, we found different broken chairs in the classroom, and after that we called to our teachers to solve these problems

I had many reports prepared until now on business. Report has to be short and clear and not longer then 1 page. 3 main subject has to be submit
problem explanation countermesure or action. For instance
Problem : Teeenager education efficiency is ver low due to remote training.
Explanation : My childeren zoom eductaion has still going on from 1 year. Consendration and learning abilty is very lesss. Those years are lost years.
Advise : Face to face education could not be covered and has to be continue whatever done

I have made many reports, especially, scientific reports. For instance, I wrote a report about an excursion to some natural habitat. We asked to write about the whole trip, from the moment we have gone to visit first place until the last day.

This report aim to talk about no mask in the element schools where are needed to wear even though the City mandatory. The two issues that I concern about the safe for children when they come to school.

The children in the school where they are easily to immune Covid 19 as well as everybody. If they don't wear masks or washed hand by hand sanitizer gel. So children should do two things when they come to school. Therefore, virus has everywhere and spread into in the air as soon as possible. Take care all of children also keep they are safe and health, it's made parents no worry about that.

Another important aspects it help to reduce spread in the community, so the hospital have a chance to serve many cases in emergency. Moreover, many doctors and nurses who can have the time to study the method how can solve the situation. This is the best way that people can show their concern about what happen in society.

In conclusion, follow the instruction of the health care that is significant for everybody to stop the spread of virus. From of my point view, everybody should do the right action and give a willing hand to protect together. Why some people stroke to protest wearing mask with government.


This report aims to describe the barriers from the online learning system while in the pandemic and distraction that many students had. These issues were all discussed in 21st November 2020.

Issue 1 Background Noise
A number of students complained that background noise can cause them lack of concentration and they cannot get the high clarity of lecture from advisor. Concerns were raised by low quality of understanding from students, getting the wrong information and neglection from advisors as well as getting difficult to learn lecture. The management of microphone can only set by mentors, was suggested the possible solution for this issue.
Issue 2 Engaging Students to involve
It was noted that many students did not turn on the camera and muted the audio. When mentor asked for the responses, they were not even in front of the computer. Concerns were raised about the mentors getting confused in teaching methods and providing the practices for students. Calling every students to involve from bureau staff was suggested to solve this issue.

Conclusion and recommendation
Talking factors discussed into account, the application which applies management of audio from teachers, could be created from the software engineer team. What is more, the administer could provide a service from learning center which making a call for students to involve in the lecture activities before starting the course.