In this video Sam's looking for some new trainers. Will they have the size and colour that he wants? 

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Elementary: A2

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.


I am wearing my new simple black flat sandals.

My flip flops are black. i wear them because it's very hot today.
Thnaks anyway.

I'm wearing the blue slippers

I'm wearing a black shoes.

Hello everybody, I want to talk you about what i put on today. Today is Monday. I dress (put on) classic clothes in this day. So today in the morning I took a shirt and trousers, ironed them and put on. also I put on shoes. I prefer black ones. In another days I dress t-short, jeans and sneakers

I want to ask you. I didn't understand this sentence : I will have a look for you. Of course I understood, what that woman said but I didn't why she has spoke that.
1. Why did she put HAVE in this sentence?
2. Why did she put A in this sentence ?

PS The woman (shop assistant) said: I will have a look for you

Hi NikolayB,

'have a look' or 'take a look' are both very common ways of saying 'look' in informal situations like this one. There are many other similar phrases -- if you would like to learn more, please see our delexical verbs page.

All the best,
The LearnEnglish Team

Thank you for reply)0

I am wearing brown shoes.They are light and very comfortable.I bought them Three months ago.They are using for summer. external cover of these trainers is made of clothes.

I'm wearing brown one's me too.
It' s sport shoes to walk on a boat.
All in leaver. They are very confortable ,
and it's possible to walk in water with them .