Listen to someone getting advice from a friend to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Upper intermediate: B2


Whatever the anxiety is doesn't matter, as long as I have a good sleep. A good sleep helps my head be clear, then I can concentrate to do things and not be easy to be distracted by unrelated things. In additions, my health is also good if I slept well last night before: proper heart beating, stamina muscles and deep breath. In contrast, if I sleep badly last night, today my behavior will not be together and tie to many health issues. I will dread learning English when my head is spinning around so hard that I unlikely to remember anything. Moreover, lacking sleep, I feel easily to be frustrated to other people and be scared when having a interpersonal connection with them. So, setting a consistent bedtime to have a good sleep is what makes me anxious more than anything else.

I feel nervous when i ask someone to do small thing and he/she get annoyed .
You ask your self what he is going to do when he/she face a big things !

Dear British council Team
I get nervous Whenever I see a cruelty and then i have to keep my mouth shut , while i know consciously there s a legal right has been ignored. Whenever I am in such a fateful new position that one choice can change my way of life, or my destiny ,at that moment I prefer to have an instant consultation it helps me to be released of anxiety. when someone tells me lies and I know that
at that moment I feel nervous and disappointed .
with best regards

I feel nervous when I have to take an English test

I feel anxious when I'm around new people with whom I should chatt. I'm really not good at small talks.

Task 1 : 6/6 (100%)
Task 2 : 6/6 (100%)

Task 1 : 6/6
Task 2 : 4/6

i only feel nervous and anxious because of examinations