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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


My appearance: I am a student and quite tall, quite fat. I have a smooth dark hair with olive skinned. I have small eyes but I always proud of my bright smile ><
My mother's Appearance: I pretty look like my mom. She is also quite fat that is the reason she always complain about her appearance (lol). For me, I see She really really beautiful and nice. Her face has a lot of wrinkles but when smiling, she gives a nice one. Her hair has black color like me, and so soft and smooth, and she has a white skin. She is so basic with normal clothes but I love her so so much

I am a tall, dark hair and a beautiful girl. My sister is tall, long hair compared to me.


I am short, slim and freckled, I have dark curly hair, dark eyes, i am 28 years old, I'm older than my sister, she is beautiful, tall and thin, her hair is darker and longer than mine.

Hi, I'm short, slim and beautiful... I have dark curly hair, dark eyes, I'm 30 years old, I'm older than my sister, she's beautiful, tall and thin, her hair is darker and longer than mine.

I'm a middle age person, like I am 31 years old. I'm neither short or tall, I'm 180cm tall. Due to my genetic (or my stress) I've no more hairs, but at the origin I had dark hair. I like to consider me as handsome person, like everybody should do, I think. I won't talk about my weight because it's not a very attractive point for me, but I don't feel too fat, so that's ok.

hi, its Ghazala Faraz from Pakistan. I have ginger hair with light brownish color and silky in medium size, my face complaction is fair, i am smart with tall height.

i'm anass, 35 years old, i have dark hair ,handsome of course, tall and and a little fat
my little brother mahdi is 18 years old with bolnde hair tall and thin

I am tall, dark and young looking with dark brown medium length hair. My brother is a tall, dark skinned young man with very short hair. He is taller and younger than I am, but I am darker than him.

I'm 25 year old, dark hair with a fair complexion , my hight is 160.02 cm, and weight 51 kg.

hello everybody,
my name is MARY,I am 32 years old and weight 80 kg and height 167 cm,I have
short dark hair.
I am a bit fat,I want to effort to slim