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Appearance 1

Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


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Pre-intermediate: A2


Hello, I am thin and i weigh 52 Kg. i used to be slim but last year I got an disease due to this reason I lost much weight. I am 5 foot 8 inch in height.
so, i am neither taller nor shorter. I have dark colored hair but i love ginger hair.
overall I don't look attractive, I think it is about my weight. so, nowadays I doing exercise and taking proper diet to regain my health. That's all.

Generally, I am handsome. I posses neither fat nor thin body. As i am taller than my father, I am so attractive with my high. Though my hair is black with good looking, I want some time blonde hair.Handsome to smart man, i try to go gym third a week.

I'm a handsome person :D NO LIES !
Slim and dark hair ... I have a long beard
Not very tall but at the same time I'm not short right in the middle ! :D

I'm the tallest boy in my family. My father and younger sister have dark hair but my mother likes blonde hair so she decides to get one next month. My older brother is fat so he goes to gyms everyday to become a handsome man. My older sister is very beautiful with a ginger hair and slim. My grandparents is old. However, they do yoga regularly and have a balanced diet so they look still young

a healthy family , that sounds great dude


I have dark hair and brown eyes . I am 157 cm and 72 kilos.I am beautiful but I am fat nearly.

I am short with a back hair. I think i am handsome man, not slim and not fat.

I am quiet handsome lol .I have dark hair.i am thin . My height is 156 cm and weighs 62 kg .

I’m quite midume in height ,
And have a nice short dark hair too