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Body parts 1

Do these exercises to learn words for parts of the body.


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I broke my finger once and arm twice. I broke my arm first time when I was a boy and played football with my friends, then I broke forearm. Second time it was on a bike, I drove along the street, I felt and broke my elbow. My finger was broken when I was a child and I played basketball with my brother.

I had pain full experience when I twisted my foot in play ground when I was 14 years old.
I was playing football with my colleagues after school time I was in defense position when fat guy smashed in the line and trying to make put ball in net and keeper was down.
I extended my leg to prevent him the pass out the ball to his colleagues and it was strong shot led to foot twisting.

I have a sprain in my right shoulder at the moment. I noticed it caused troubles to do anything because I’m a righty. Maybe I’ll see a doctor today. ;(

I have never had a broken arm or leg, I only had a sprain in my right ankle, I went to the hospital and the Doctor put a splint in it. After three weeks, I was better.

I never broken my arms or legs.

I have ever broken my arms or legs but I know a person who has broken her arm. This girl lived in our house and helped us during the rainy season to cultivate and take care of our animals. But unfortunately one day, she rode our black donkey and fell after the donkey was running. She broke her right arm but happily we have some good doctors in our village and they treated her rapidly.

Again, I've broken my heart. ♫
'You blow my mind.
It breaks my heart
Breaks my heart into
A million pieces, oh....."♬

Fortunately, I had never broken my arms or legs but when I was a little girl I remember that we have broken the arm of my sister with ball

What do you call the body part where a leg and body are joined?
Can anyone tell me?

Hello Smiley1

That is the 'hip', or perhaps 'waist'. If you follow the links, you can see what I mean.

All the best


The LearnEnglish Team