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Living rooms

What do you call the object that we use to control the TV? Learn this and other words for things you find in a living room by doing these exercises.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I usually watch TV and programs in the living room.
Also I take my lunch and my dinner there.
My husband spends the most of times in the living room watching TV and playing games.

i lie down in front of TV on the sofa and put my head in cushion .most time i listen to music but often time i take remote control in my right hand and see one by one TV channel

I work with laptop in the living room most of the time. Also, my daughter watches TV.

I usually watch TV in the living room. But my father is the person who spend the most time there.

I usually watch TV, read books and have a nap lying down on a sofa in the living room.( ´O` ) ~.。o。゚


I usually watch TV on living room, I watch Netflix with my friends and family. I often use the notebook and watch TV at the same time too.

Every room inside is filled
With things from far away
The special things I compile
Each one there to make you smile
On a rainy day
( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

In my living room there is a TV with a Video Player. My sister's boyfriend spend a lot of time in there. He is who most spend the time in the living room.

Sometimes, I watch TV in living room.

I usually watch TV .Me and my family sit together and we talk about news.My sister plays telephone.Sometimes I do my homework..