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Nature 1

Vocabulary exercises to help learn words to talk about nature.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


i would like to spend my time in island. because if i stay there i will feel peace on my mind.

I would like to be near of the nature. First because my home town is a small village with a lot of small forests where we go sometimes to hunt birds. And also, I love the flavor of flower in the morning and also the cries of birds. I always feel good and nature.

I live in a city, but i have so many plants and flowers in my garden. Its so beautifull..

Now, I live in a city. It has a lot of facilities. I like to be in nature on holidays because it relaxes me,.

I love the nature because I live in Reunion island and here there are a lot of hiking trail. The nature allow me get away.

I like nature because it's very relax to me. In other hand, I love cities because I can visit theatres, museums or libraries.

I like to live in country side.becouse there are very beautiful and nice to live. And always the climate and envarnment is in that side is very great.

Spending time in nature is as exciting as in the city, istn't it?

I live in a city, but i prefer spending my time in a forest. If i lived in a cabin, i would watch the sky and walk with my girlfriend on the hills every day. I love silence and nature.

Nature is wonderful and has many colours. But I like spent my time in the city, because it motivates me to improve myself.