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Transport 1

Do these exercises to improve your vocabulary and learn words to talk about transport.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I have a motorbike. I live in Srilanka

It takes almost a week to recover from a jet lag after a trip to the other side of the world.
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I usually use a car, but when I visit other countries which are not connected by land, I use an airplane.

I usually use a personal car , in Iran there are all of them.

In my country, Iran, There are all of them. I usually use my car because there are not suitable public transportation.

I can use a bus, taxi or bike, but usually I use a bus.

In my country, I like bike or Motorbike. Because my city is traffic all day. The Motorbike is faster and more flexible than car.

In the city where I live, There are a lot of cars, motorbikes, bikes and buses. Also, there are trains and many plane, because there are two airport.

In the city were I live we have public transport like buses and taxis, but we don't have trains, also we have aeroplanes, trucks, vans, motorbikes(lots) and bikes. Some people have boats but is not very common in this city.
I use buses most frecuently to get to work and go around the city, and my bike to go around my neighborhood.

I like car and train but I have not any kind of transport.