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Fruit 2

Learn more words for different kinds of fruit using these exercises!

Language level

Intermediate: B1


I like fruits, every day I eat one or two kinds of fruits, yesterday I tried watermelon which was very suit and the clementine with dark orange color skin which was very very delicious.

Yesterday I had grapes with no seeds which are still good.

i love all kind of fruits. my parent grew some of trees around my house, they give many fruits, such as banana, guava, papaya, grapefruit, dragon fruit, jack fruit... they are nature and good for healthy.

I've never eaten these fruites: passion fruit, papaya, guava, and lychee.

I like lychee, which can't eat seek. My wife prefer papaya whenever she goes shopping, she will take them home. In revert, my daughter love passion fruit which she can make a glass of water fruit.

I DON'T like fruit, but just like red or black grapes

It's hard to remember those.

I wonder if coconuts are fruit or vegetables???
( ⁰̷̴͈ ֊ ⁰̷̴͈ )

i liked this lesson it was useful, i knew a new kind of fruit like lychee

I like Fruit Basket!