At the moment we have one writing section, Writing for a Purpose, which will help you with academic writing if you have to write assignments in English for your studies. It contains

  • detailed information about types of writing and purposes for writing
  • audio, video and interactive exercises
  • examples of successful assignments from a range of disciplines

In the future we will have a section on writing emails.

What's in Writing?

تعلم كيف تكتب المهام الدراسية باللغة الإنجليزية. إذا كنت تريد كتابة المقالات، أو دراسات الحالة، أو تقارير المعمل أو أي شيء آخر، هناك الكثير من التدريبات، والفيديوهات، وأمثلة من المهام الناجحة لتساعدك.

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Peter M

Hi sabrina happy,

No, I mean that 'are spending' is more likely and is the form I would...

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sabrina happy

Hi Peter,
you mean 'spend' is wrong in this context ?

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Hello every one, I am a new member of this page, i am fond of English language, but it is so...

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