Ella shares with you her most memorable moments in the UK.

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Task 1

Comprehension Task

Read the statements and decide if they are true or false.




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Intermediate: B1


 hello my name is Fatjona  .your writing is very beautiful .bye

 Hi! I'm Brazilian and I'm going to London in June for study and improve my English. It will be the first time that I study abroad. I'm very anxious but in the same time I have scared for stay in other country without my family and friends. I think the first days will be the most difficult. I hope make new friends and visit many historical places.
I liked very much this site, it's very interesting. 

Congrats, Fmiguelete
London is the most beautiful place I`ve ever been and your worries will be just temporarily because once you see the people and places..you`ll fall in love with London (like i did)
Anyway, good luck!

Hello... that would be a great experience... I hope you'll enjoy your time. Being far away from your family is awful, but you should learn how to live alone and depend on yourself. No need for being anxious or scared.
Good Luck! ^_^

Oh I love that. Life in UK is very interesting. I also love the way she cook without tasting.

My name is Ziaulhaq I am from Afghanistan I am living in Kabul capital of Afghanistan I am graduated from school now I am studying computer since in Dunya institute of higher education.   
I am much interacted to learn English in UK.   

Happy New year 2011

I lived in London for three months, since August to November in 2009.   It was very exciting for me, too.   I went to study English, and my host family was a Jamaican people who has a contract with the school where I studied.
It was very interesting and I enjoyed a lot with the students from other countries:   Mongolia, Brazil, Spain, Vietnam.
It was a wonderful experience to travel in trains.   I lost the first time, when I went to London Victoria and I couldn't find how to come back.   I was very confused, however English people are very polite and they helped me a lot.    After that lost, I learned very well, to read the instructions and routes on the maps, and enjoyed going everywhere.
I would like to come back to London to visit places that I had not enough time to visit.

Would you like to give me the name of the school where you studied ? is it a summer camp institute?
I want to send my son to study english in UK during summer.
I appreciate your help as well as the help of others in this site.
thank you