Talk about: My son

Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

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It´s not easy to be father in nowasday. But, the maneger of the family has to conciliate job with his home function. To enjoy a lot with a great happiness with son or daughter the father has to follow rules life. The reward is so pround when the main point is reached. Don´t get back, still going on.
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I want ask you something:
It´s the same: I live very near to the zoo - I live very close to the zoo
Could someone help me?

Hello Maria,
Yes, both of your examples are good English and have the same meaning. One difference is that we can say 'I live near the zoo', but we can't say 'I live close the zoo', so we have to use 'to' with 'close'.
Another difference is that 'close' can be used to talk about relationships and 'near' can't. For example, 'She is very close to her grandmother'.
I hope that helps.
The LearnEnglish Team

The debate about "nature versus nurture" is still ongoing, but I think that the twice are mandatory to build up a man from a child. So to achieve this very difficult task you need to do your best as a parent and to invest a lot of time to learn the basic rules of the life. So, this "job" is far away from a science skill and this is why it is so challenging. But, when the "job" has been well done, you must be plenty of joy to see how your child is became an honest man driving his own life with the right principles.
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