Talk about: My son

Ron talks about his pride and joy – his lovely son.

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Me and my wife have been planning get a child in next five years. We wanna have two kids.

I think that having a child is blessing.It is the strongest love peoples can feel.Also I think children have had personality since they was born.We can learn much from them.Their easy way of living,enjoying in simple things,rectitude.And how they fast learn-it is amazing.I enjoy being with children.Like Dostojevski said -Being with children resting soul.


I joined to this group recently & its really interesting and .......(cant express)..

In this Podcast the speaker makes a comment" I think a child can bring enormous happiness to the family and to my life.", isn't it a general statement?. Because he says " A child..." and then "to my life", so when we make general statement & express personal feelings?

Sorry if I am wrong.


Hello Raghuveer,

'child' is a singular count noun and singular count nouns are not used without a determiner of some sort. The most general determiner is 'a' and so that is why it is used in this statement. It's true that it's kind of like a general statement, but I'd say this is more an expression of an opinion, precisely for the reason you pointed out – the person says 'my life' at the end. 

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I really like the passage because it made me love my parents more.
Thank you so much

The same actions are made by my lovely daughter, she is almost 2 years old :-)


The audio is working correctly, and the link is not broken. If you wish to download the audio then right-click on the link and choose 'Save'; if you wish to listen online then use the play button (the little triangle) on the player, just above the link.

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Hi everyone
I don't feel comfortable right now with the idea of have a child. That is because my life now is not well defined about financial terms and my accommodations are very small to support a child. Even though, I have been planning get a child in the next three or four years and I hope to get a couple. I don't wanna have only one kid, my family is big and I love them that way. Big family is funny, always!

I hope to have a child someday