A wild pig outside your window? Can you imagine that in the city centre? Listen to Jannie's strange encounter with the wild boar.

Do the Preparation task first. Then listen to the audio. Next go to each Task and do the activity. If you need help, you can read the Transcript at any time.

Task 1

Reorder the events in the order that you hear them.




Language level

Intermediate: B1
Upper intermediate: B2


A couple years ago I saw a fox at a park near my home, in the heart of Tehran!!! Can you believe it?

In my city there are some animals arounds mostly cats, mouses , crows and birds. I doubt they be considered wild animal. actually there is no wild animal in our streets, but I saw some wild animals when I travelled to other cities or countries
Maybe cows don't be considered wild animals but they can be really wild. They never hurt me, but they hurt some one I know. Once we were in jungle and we stayed to eat lunch then some cows came toward us . my sister's father in law fed them. but they didn't leave, they wanted more. They came next to the car and brought their heads on trunk of our car, so they made us to leave the place. I always see cows every time I go to a village, I never afraid of them . I always walk next to them. but when they become angry they can be really dangerous.
I also chased by a wild dog when I was a child. People say you shouldn't run when you see a dog, but My sister and I were children on that time and a wild dog started to chase us. Fortunately our home was near and we could escape.
I have more stories but I think that's enough for now. Thank you British council team.

hello every body
God bless me, I've encountered neither a boar nor any wild animal. When I was a kid, we had tow dogs in our yard both of them were really lovely, Unfortunately dogs was been killed by our neighbor, because they didn't let them go throw our garden. I really loved them.

Wild animals?
OMG! I don't want to remember that boar I bumped and that Komodo dragon sneaking up on me while I was lying on the beach...!

Have you ever experienced any strange but interesting incidents? Can you share with us?
Yes, I have. My lecturer told us that snakes like her before we have had our little trip to Halong bay in Vietnam. As we wanted to get on the boat after visiting the cave and shore, we saw snakes half standing in the water. The strange thing was that they were not slithering, but looking at something straightforward like they were in a trance. So, we did what others would do. Yup, we took a lot of photos of us on the bridge with the snakes in the water and posted on Facebook.
What do you think about wild animals? Have you ever come into contact with them?
I find them quite scary. For me, even dogs are terrifying although I know they usually do no harm unless they think they are in danger.

so weird

now start banking on your very pvt.piggy bank !

I don't really have experienced strange incident and I just meet some wild animals inbthe zoo but just looking at them.

hii guies.......i hve also an experience about a stray animal......it was a dog once i was in hurry because i was late for my school i was running fast but nearly there was a stray dog ......having seen me that also started to run behind me i got fright.....my God! i got tottaly......stuck n i took my steps faster thn that......n while running i reached at my destination......uffffff
when i thought about that day i remain laugh and laugh.

it was so interesting that could see a pig in business zone, I was so exciting to find out a English communicated platform to improve my English.