Jonathan talks about why he insists on buying vinyl records even though downloading music and listening to iPods has become so popular.

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Task 1

Match the beginnings and endings to make true sentences.




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Upper intermediate: B2


This is the first time i am listening about Vinyl. Really feel good to know about vinyl.i saw it in many movies but this is the first time i come to know about the name of that recorder.Thanks..

Excuse me... but I don't understand this sentence, can someone explain me ?
describes a sound that is not full or relaxed, but made when your throat is tight,
for example because of fear or anger.

   it is question 7 of the exercises o Preparation, and I don't understand  the meaning " ESTRANGULATED", because it isn't a sound, isn't it?
     Thank you for your answer.....

The word is not 'estrangualated', it is 'strangulated'. It's also not the name of a sound, it's an adjective that describes a sound.
As the definition says, it's a sound that is made when the throat is tight or compressed.
Hope that helps,
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best sound for lisening blues or jazz is on vinyl
it vorks as it should

nice talk

In my opinion - it is important for people who own these records (vinil) is the process of possession of the record and pleasant memorials concerned with it...

Arenot u old man

you are wrong it is old fashioned

material possessions are old fashioned... in music field.

Such a good topic!!! Thank you!
Really, for people of previous generations vinal plays an important role in their lifes. I understood it after listening! It's a part of life. And mainly, vinyl is a memory  because it brings them back to the past. We're young generation and we also have certain memories when we listen to music on MP3s, for example, but when you keep a subject - vinyl, and you can listen to it, I think, it's another feeling.