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B1 intermediate: Problems at the train station

In this video Makayla needs a bit of help from the station manager at the train station. Will she catch her train?

Do the preparation exercise first. Then watch the video and follow the instructions to practise your speaking.

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Intermediate: B1


I don't like travelling by train, because condition of trains is bad in our contry. They are dirty.

I like travelling by train. But I prefer the international trains because they are more qualitative and fast. As for trains that ply between cities inside my country they are dirty, old and crowded in rush hour.

Hi, I love travel in train compare to plane.In UK traveling by train is very easy and enjoyable,If you want to travel one city to another city it’s not difficult.Trains has speedy service and you can get tickets very easily.

I frequently travel by train. I can enjoy the view while traveling. The problem with the train in my country (and other countries too) is that there are too crowded in rush hours.

yes i love travelling by train, it 's a very good way to discover various region. it is very relaxing and represent the opportunity to meet some people.

If you compare traveling by train versus by plane, it is definitely better to travel by train when the distance is it not very long. For your decision, you should consider the time you will need to go to airport and take the plane. And of course, the train trip is more relaxed, you can walk, move and eat more comfortably.

I´d love traveling by train, I´ve never had problems with my journeys though I almost missed my airplane when I was in Cuba.

Yes, I love to travel by train. It is a good mean to travel from one point to another and to discover a country at the same time. I travelled a lot by train, hence I met a lot of problems : technical issues, strikes, etc.

I like traveling by train when i was a kid

I have never traveled by train in my whole life, and that's because here in Mexico there's no railways with coaches for passengers, there are only wagons carrying commodities. I would like to travel by Shinkansen some day.