Do the exercises and learn the words for some accessories.


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Elementary: A2


Before I learn this, I think cap and hat are the same, also bag and rucksack. Bracelet is not used more I think.

I am looking screen for all day so I have glasses.

I appreciate for uploading such a useful information. I believe this is one of the best way of learning. This really helped me to approach and understand the situation

There is little a difference between purse and bag. Purse is smaller than bag and at larger scale used by men and women to keeping some cards and money. Whereas bag, It could be common use both by male and female and it is larger in size.

There is a heteronym—a word, if it is pronounced differently, it differs in meaning—'contract' that is pronounce in two forms. Contract (kuhn-trakt stress on first syllable), as a noun, means 'task'. On the other hand (Contract: kuhn-trakt stress on second syllable), as a verb, it means 'to shrink'.

I have a bracelet that i love because it was a gift from my parents

In my wedding, my mother gave me a necklace ^^

In my wedding my best friend gave me silver earrings and necklace as a cadeau it is very special for me.

Rucksack is a very useful thing for everyday.

Dear friends and teacher
I do not know how to play the game task 1. pls help me