Do the exercises and learn the words for some common actions.


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I'm afraid I cannot multitask...

Learning English requires a wealth of vocabulary. Because the richness of the vocabulary is easier to talk about.

Actions i cant do at same time is speaking with smile i used to do this its been part of me. I can't speak when i cry its look kind childish. But i can write while an listening and talk while eating Even its a had habit i think.
Things i do most days sleeping is my better interest i never give it up but i go to gym also thanks

I can browse while listening to music.
I can hear gossips with half an ear.
I can drive while singing loudly!

usually i watch tv or listen to music when i am eating something .

I can do many of these action at the same time such as looking and listening , speaking and reading.breathing is the most action i do automatically every day .

Which is correct :
take a trip or make a trip

Hello Hamdy Ali,
This depends on the context. In British English, 'take a trip' is the normal collocation. In US English, 'take' is also more common. However, you can say 'make a trip' when you want to emphasise the planning or intention rather than the actual trip itself.
The LearnEnglish Team

Actually when i eat a burger. at the same time i speak with my friend and listen what he says with loud speaker then having heard his bad news i cry. On the other hand, i look at the phone screen & touch the screen to open lock & write a sms to my another friend to share the bad news.
Next to i also learn typing. When i read story books seeing some interesting i smile myself. Sometimes i draw natural scenery with the help of YouTube. Overall i sleep at night

I can type, read and smile at the same time.