Do the exercises to learn words to describe people's appearance.


Language level

Pre-intermediate: A2


I am 180 cm tall and weight 59 kg . My hair appear short dark and quiet white. My body not thin not fat.

I'm 169 centimeters tall, a average height in my country. And my weight is 69 kilometers. I have short and dark hair, black eyes, and a glasses. i'm come from Vietnam

I hace some hat, l like very much. I wear it when's cold

I have a dark and very short hair, I am slim and young adult

I appear with a ginger black hair. My hairs is short. I cut it a few months ago. I wear glasses. I am 1.57 cm, weight 46 kg. Someone says, i am thin but i think i am only a bit thin.

i am enough tall to be a good basket player, not slim , neither thin so that i am a real corpukance of judoka. my last frien was old with black ginger hair and so on

my fried is 165am tall and weighs 60 kg , she has a dark hair and she's a beautiful one .

I am 176 cm, thin, and l have a dark hair.

Mostly pepole say me my hair is very nice..

Many people say me handsome because i have one hundred ninety centimeter tall and eighty five kilogram it's slim, i have dark hair and my parents too.