Do the exercises to learn words for different kinds of clothes.


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Beginner: A1


I like to wear sweatshirt, trainers, jacket and T-shirt or shirt but for girls I like that they are to wears top, skirt, sweatshirt and etc. In general, I am a pretty dancer and I have a pretty girlfriend.

I like to wear T-shirt and trousers,hate jeans,it's too tight.

I like to wear jeans,shirt and trainers.

I like to wear a comfortable clothes. Jeans for me not comfortable. I like soft fabric and classic models.

I like to wear jeans and T-shirt.

A jeans

Very nice

i don't understand what is the jumper is , i think we don't use it in Egypt , and the trainers its an new word for me , i used to say running shoes

jumper is something heavy, in Arabic = بلوفر :)

thanks MONER.. i think you helped me with your comment too.