Learn words for everyday objects by doing these exercises.


Language level

Beginner: A1


i always carry my mobile phone and wallet. They are very immportant.

When I go out of home I usually carry four things, glasses, keys, wallet and mobile phone

i usually carry my wallet, mobile phone and key when i go out.

When I go out, I carry keys, wallet and mobile phone. I don't carry contact lenses but wear them.
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When I go out, I usually carry my glasses, keys, mobile phone, and wallet.

When I go out, I usually carry my purse with a few money, mobile phone, glasses, identity cards, credit cards, a rosary, remedy for pain and for asthma, hairbrush and a lipstick.

To go out I usually take my handbag and put the keys, wallet, mobile phone or some small things that I need. I do not have the habit to carry a heavy bag. sometimes I take only my wallet and the keys when I go shopping.

When I go out, sometimes carry my rucksack and always carry my wallet and my mobile phone.

When I go out I always carry my mobile phone, wallet and keys.

When I go out I usually carry my bag witch is contain purse , mobile phone , keys and I wear my glasses.