Learn words for different jobs in these exercises. Is your job in the list?


Language level

Elementary: A2


Thank Peter

I am a teacher.but now i work as an office worker.I want to improve my English language to teach it

I work like a secretary but I want to improve my English to get more chance do a new things.

I am Secretary, I´d like improve my English because to have more oportunities

I'm an architect right now and I have a company about consultant of architecture.
I've got a planning to get my master of architecture at UNSW Sydney and then after that back to developing my island and my country.

I would like become to teacher.

I'm electrical engineer, I work in construction sector in Latin American countries in projects for electric generation and oil services.

I would like to work in stable organisation which provides food for workers and located close to home.

I would like to be a doctor .

I worked as a shop assistant in a wholesale store about 2years ago and I would like to be a dentist in the future.