Do these exercises and learn the names of more jobs. Have you ever done any of these jobs?


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I am just a student in college now.

I like to manager . he is a important personal of future

I know really a very lot managers. This profession is very common. However, other professions no less important and needed!

Yes my brother and sister are a teacher

yes. my father is a driver and my father friends is mechanic and they like your job.

I'm electrical engineer and I know lot of electricians what love their jobs and work so good that I can trust any task that I entrust to them.

I have a friend who was a workman, he loves his job very much because he felt happy when finished the work and his work really good and he is a humble man.

This episode is very useful and practical. I studied all the tasks and feel I still can learn something new. My father is a handyman, while my grandfather was a fine carpenter. I am a technical salesman in the ICT industry.

where is electrical technician it doesnt mean handyman or worker

Hi mhr8085,

There are of course many more jobs. An electrician is someone who specialises in installing or repairing electrical networks and machines in houses or buildings. In the UK, you could call an electrician to do something simple (for example, install a ceiling fan or a new socket) or something more complex (for example, put new wiring in your house).

A handyman is someone who does many kinds of installations or repairs. A handyman doesn't usually have specialised knowledge or skills and so does simpler jobs (for example, fix a clogged sink, install a ceiling fan).

'worker' is a very generaly term and can include people who work in schools, offices, factories, etc. In this context, a worker usually works on a construction site or for another more specialised tradesperson such as an electrician or a plumber.

I hope this helps -- if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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