Do these exercises to learn words for things you find in a kitchen.


Language level

Elementary: A2


I do a lots of things , like cooking of course , studyind and sleep as well

Do you sleep in you kitchen?

I always cook and i have a table and many chairs in kitchen so I eat food in that too.

I like talking with my friends by drinking tea in the kitchen. I cook every day, but I don't like doing it

we cook food and eat our food in our kitchen.

Usually, we cook in the kitchen and there we have breakfast early morning.
In the kitchen we have a little table that we use whe be in family, but when we have guests we use dining room.

I usually cook in the kitchen and in there , there is a table with two chairs and i eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at table . The kitchen of my house have a window that has a view to my university .

I like cooked on my kitchen! Usually I cook and eat on my kitchen)

Especailly I like prepare the tea after the dinner. this is my habit. I like drink a tea. Otherwise I don't spend time much in there. My wife cook everfood for us.

I do not like the kitchen and but usually prepare breakfast