What is the word for moving a ball with your foot? Do these exercises about words for movements and find out.


Language level

Elementary: A2


My favorite sport is Volleyball, but I do not practice it. Today, I run on the athletic track when I exercise.

I cycle when I'm riding my bike. I enjoy cycling.

In my childhood I did gymnastics, later I rode, played tennis and dived. Today I only go walking und cykling.

I like watch and play football. Because it's interesting type of sports for me.

I like football and cycle and swim

I play sport essentially with my legs, I play football and I do footing.

i always kick football

When I was child I used to play football , but nowadays I have been running twice a week , just keep my health and belly in a best way

My favourite sport is shaping! This is sport, where first dance and then functional trenning)

Hi Guys,
My favourite sport is swimming. I am really telling the truth. İf some person say me' That is your pool But you have to swim in there' I can say 'ok'. I can swim everday. I Lİked to play football when I was 15. My dream was be footballer. I want to play the Galatasaray team. I Went skiing last year. İt was the my first time . I fell İn the down along an hour.Fİnally I learn how can I go skiing.This is good enough for me. Good night. İt is time to go to bad. Because I must get up early:( Take care of yourself!!