Do these exercises and improve your vocabulary for talking about places in a town.


Language level

Elementary: A2


When I was a student I used to go to school and now I’m going to university . I go to library everyday. I go to bank once a month and sometimes I go to cinema for fun. I used to go post office years ago but now everything is sent by the internet.

Hi Everyone,
I go to the bank day in day out because I am banker this is my job.:) I went to school weekdays when I was teen. I was going to gym while my friends slept at home. I go to cinema once a week before I married . Todays I prefer download to film from the internet . I guess that is enough for you.

I go everywhere in this place.

I go to any place when need it

I use to go to the bus stop and supermarket frecuently, I often go to the bank(ATM) to get some cash and sometimes I go to a café with friends.

If necessary, I go to all these places.

Everyday I go to school, supermarket, sports center, bus stop and train station.