Harry sure is good at his job as he doesn’t come cheap!

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Hello Munirah,

Thanks for your kind wishes and for telling us you think there's a mistake in the transcript. Could you please tell us the timecode (e.g. 2:33) of the recording when the missing word is heard, we'd be very grateful.

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what does harry mean when he said: if you take into account the work i'll have to put into it, and all my time.

Hello baabor275,

'If you take into account...' means 'When you consider...'. In the example you give, Harry is saying that the cost is not great when you consider how much time he has to spend on it, how much work he has to do and so on.

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Thanks. It realy good information for me!

Is it correct to paraphrase this sentence like this .
Original text ( I’ll have to have a word with my
uncle )
Paraphrased ( I need to speak with my uncle )

Hi Osaymar,

Yes, those forms have more or less the same meaning.

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The LearnEnglish Team

It'd be good if it is like this:
I need to speak to my uncle.

Thank you very much Mr AdamJK

Hi LearnEnglish Team .What's the difference between these idioms?
the proof of the pudding (is in the eating)
"the proof is in the pudding"!


Those two idioms mean the same thing, one is just a shorter and more modern version of the other.

You asked another question in a different comment about old-fashioned words. Before I answer it, I want to explain that we are a small team here and we don't have time to answer every question that every learner asks. As a general rule, please wait a while after asking a question to ask another one. If you ask a second question before you have the answer to the first, you're probably asking too quickly!

You can use words and idioms that are labelled as old-fashioned in the dictionary, but (probably it's the same in your language) there's a chance that some people won't know them very well or you might sound a little strange, like a character in an old novel. Personally, I sometimes like to use old words, but I know how they sound, so you might prefer to wait until you are more confident in English before you do the same.

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