No one really enjoys the food sold in Tony's Café but Carlos is here to save everyone!

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Decide if these foods are countable or uncountable.



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Thank you very much

Hello teacher,
Will+infinitive without to
Will be+verb-ing
As far as I know,two above patterns is used to express something which happens in the near future. Sometimes, people use the 1st pattern or the 2nd one.Could you please advise whether two above patterns are the same or have different meaning?Thank you so much in advance.

Hello myuyen,

Please take a look in our Grammar Section to find the answer to this kind of question. On our page on Talking about the future you can find an explanation of this (look at the bottom for the explanation).

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The LearnEnglish Team


i have a passionate with cooking but i didn't study it. i had choose another way for future.
now i want to open a small restaurant, but i have enough money and i'm not confident enough to do it. everytimes i cook for my family and myfriend i feel very happy and want to create many meals real delicous for them,
when my family have a party or gather friends i want to do yourself.
so i really don't know, i'll sale what and where starts.

may be,

Welcome to all,I am new here. i think practice makes our speech more fluent.

Please tell me what "get on sth" and "go out with sb" mean?
go out with sb = date with ???


Hello daongoc,

You can use the Cambridge Dictionaries Online tool to look up words and phrases like this. You'll get a definition, pronunciation to listen to, example sentences and more - it's a very useful tool.

'Go out with sb' usually means to date them, so you are correct there.

There is a similar phrasal verb which may be what you are thinking of :'get on with sb'. This means to have good (friendly) relations with another person, in a non-romantic way.

'Get on sth' can have many meanings. Did you have a particular example in mind? If you can post a specific sentence then we'll be able to tell you which meaning it is.

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The LearnEnglish Team