Listen to some requests from a manager to practise and improve your listening skills.

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Language level

Beginner: A1


I like to write documentation about my daily activities and IT process in order to have some knowledge base which to be useful to read in the short future.

Our workspace have some small documents made by me.

We sometimes need to work with a team e we have tha cooperate to it does a good job.

Sometimes I help to prepare innovation day´s for our customers.

Dear British council team
I tried to help people with their works . for example, i v helped my colleagues when they come across a problem or when they v asked me to be his replacement, i accepted to solve their problems . I v helped my niece with her homework. i v also helped my mom and dad with shopping or washing the dishes.
Best wishes and good luck to u all

Yes, I do. I make official documents, give legal consultations, write reports and meet with other people.

I help children in the orphanage with their school work

Yes, I lend my help, when I feel that my work partner needs my help. I usually help in proyects of developer because is my profession and I love to programing. I offer advice and recomendation about the something shouldn't doing.


Very good

Hello there i often helped others with their works , whenever my co worker didnt attend at the work place. i d helped him with accepting his replacement . i helped my niece with her homework
i helped my mom and dad with shopping and washing the dishes

best regards